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Unfollowed follower

Repost any photo you like.

Track Analysis

Check users who is interested in you and follow them back.

LIKE Analysis

Check you give LIKE to whom and who give you LIKE.Make Instagram life more convenient.

Analysis for your posts Analysis

Analyze the popularity of published posts and images to make Instagram more interesting.

  1. Check the most popular post that get the most LIKE and comments.
  2. Know which post doesn’t popular at all.
  3. One glance to know your the most liked video.

Powerful followers analysis function.

You can know your fans’ trends in your account and analyze&track them.

Big fan

Organize and analysis the one who give you lots of LIKE and comments.

Users unfollowed you

Won’t miss any user who may become your follower

mobile app
My worst fan

You can find users who aren’t interested in you any more.

Ghost fan

Find out and clean up your ghost fans.